Troubleshooting Windows ME


Try the options below before doing a reinstall of Windows, you may find it helps to resolve your problems.

Your computer is playing up, running slow, crashing etc etc, you have decided to reinstall windows, but maybe just maybe there is another option. Through this little guide we hope to point you in the right direction.


Beside your clock at the bottom right of the screen is a selection of icons. Some are necessary (Firewall and virus protection) most are not, so disable them all and then enable the necessary ones (Firewall and Anti-Virus).  Check out our guide on how to this. Go to this location .


Next run a virus check, you can use our online checker by clicking here, if you find the online checker doesn't work then you more than likely have a virus. You will need further help, so download and install a free anti-virus program. Click here to do so. Remember if you have a virus, read removal instructions before removing, as just deleting a virus can leave your system 100% unusable.

Further help on viruses can be found here .


The modern day scourge of the internet. Spyware is located on a large majority of computers. Spyware can seriously hinder your computers performance. Go to this link for further help


Now run a defrag on the hard drive. This reorganizes your files on the hard drive. A how to do this guide can be found here


Next run a scandisk on the hard drive. A guide for this can be found here


Lastly download all the latest patches for your operating system. More indepth info can be found here on this subject.  


A nice feature of Windows ME is system restore. Click here for a step by step guide. You may find this will save your computer.


At this stage if your computer is still misbehaving then it is time to reinstall windows. So how can you do this ? Firstly check out the different ways to install windows by clicking here , and then how to achieve CD-Rom support by clicking here. There are several different guides on the left panel of this page. Choose the guide which you want to use, it will lead you step by step through the process. Another useful link is our preinstall checklist. It can be located here.

Help with installing drivers can be found here 


MSDOS commands. Check out this link for help with the basic commands

A list of Windows ME Setup Switches, for use with MSDOS installs of Windows can be found here.

Want to automate the process then check out this link 

Want to change your motherboard and save your operating system then use this popular guide. Click here for guide.

Lost your product key, then get it from the registry, check out this link.




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